Frequently Asked Leak Detection Questions

What do I do if there’s a major leak inside my house?

1. Go to the main shutoff valve and turn off the water supply. 2. Call Ashley at Subtronic Leak Detection - 0412 087 848. 3. If there’s damage, you may need to call your insurance company as well.

How much water is usually lost with leaks?

It varies depending on the size of the pipe and the damage. If it’s a major leak, you could lose about 1000 litres of water per day. But if it’s only a slow leak, you might lose up to 20 litres a day.

What’s the easiest way to detect a water leak in my home?

Turn off all the taps and outlets in your home and check your water meter. If it’s still ticking over, there’s a water leak somewhere. 1. First, turn off all water connections that are currently being used on your property. 2. Find your water meter- it is usually at the front or surrounding perimeter of your property- take a photo of the readings. 3. Use your water bill and compare the current meter reading to your most recent bill to ensure the current read numbers are in progressive order. 4. In most cases, you should see a circle or triangle above the meter reading. If the triangle is spinning or the circle has a flashing plus (+) sign, this usually means water is currently in-flow somewhere on your property. 5. You can narrow down where the water leak is through a process of elimination buy turning on each connection separately and monitoring the water meter reading for usage.

Can I just call any plumber for leak detection?

No, you need a specialist leak detector with the right equipment. Calling in a specialist like Ashley at Subtronic Leak Detection, who uses the latest technology and has a wealth of training and experience means the exact location of the leak will be pinpointed quickly. This keeps expensive exploration to a minimum and lets a plumber get to work solving the problem straight away.

What are the typical signs of a water leak?

If you’re noticing any of the signs of a water leak, contact Subtronic Leak Detection straight away: ❗️ Contaminated water ❗️ No pressure ❗️ Big water bill ❗️ Water running sound ❗️ Water gushing ❗️ Foundation cracks ❗️ No hot water ❗️ Damp spots ❗️ Mildew We will provide you with an obligation free quote and offer fixed priced fees* for your peace of mind.

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