Locating underground data, communications, or general utility cabling so you can complete any excavation project safely.

Before starting a project that will involve excavating – no matter how big or small – it’s essential to locate any underground cabling and piping first.

Any project has the potential to damage underground assets located around the worksite, leading to service interruptions, delays to the project, costly repairs and in the worst-case scenario, injury or death.

Professional locators like Ashley at Subtronic Leak Detection can precisely detect any underground assets including:

✔️ Gas & Oil Pipelines

✔️ Power & Electric Lines

✔️ Septic Tanks & Waste Pumped Transfer Lines

✔️ Water Mains & Wastewater pipes

✔️ Telephone & Communication Cabling

✔️ Data Cabling & Fiber Optics

✔️ Traffic and Street light cables

Did you know that the information provided by Before You Dig Australia does not pinpoint the exact location of infrastructure assets? It often only shows public infrastructure, and not where services cabling and piping run within the boundary line of a property.

Whether you are completing a small landscaping project, installing a pool or setting up a new warehouse for storage – save yourself stress, time and money by calling a professional locator like Ashley first to make sure the area you are planning to excavate is clear.

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