Specialist leak detection services to save commercial clients time and cost.

At Subtronic Leak Detection we have invested in the latest equipment and training to provide the best leak detection service in Western Australia.

Specialising in leak detection services means that we have the skills and experience to find leaks quickly and accurately, mitigating disruptions and shutdowns, ultimately saving our clients time and cost.

At Subtronic Leak Detection, we have a 99% success rate with natural and LPG gas leaks found in standard commercial infrastructure settings with specialised tracer gas.

We are so confident in our abilities that, if we don’t find the leak, we won’t charge you for our service^.

Why WA businesses choose Subtronic Leak Detection:

At Subtronic, we take pride in providing an excellent service that our clients can rely on.

Using the latest in acoustic, electronic and tracer gas technology we are able pinpoint leaks in larger infrastructures. We also deliver relevant reports, technical and collation information for insurance and management purposes.

^We’ll only charge for materials used, not time on site.

What our customers say

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