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Fully supported local team ready to locate any water leaks and advise you on the best course of action to have the leak repaired asap.


Trained experts equipped with state-of-the-art tech to find gas leaks safely and accurately.


Fast, accurate leak detection for Commercial, Industrial, Strata, Civil, & Mining.

Have you noticed any of these signs?

If so, we’re the people to call. We are experts you can rely on to find gas & water leaks.

Water price growth, water meter, rising water prices, bill statement and home energy consumption, global energy crisis with the rise in the cost of energy carriers.

Sudden increases in your water bill?

Swelling leaking of whitewash and plaster on ceiling of dwelling due to penetration of water from the top floor or roof selective focus closeup.

Paint beginning to blister or peel on the wall?

Water meters for cold and hot water.

Unexpected changes in your water meter reading?

strong mildew in large stains is located on white interior wall in apartment

Damp carpets or mildew on your floors or walls?

Local experts you can rely on for efficient gas & water leak detection.

Hidden leaks are stressful. We’ll be onsite on time to locate the problem fast and mitigate potential damage.

Subtronic Leak Detection is a West Australian owned and operated business that specialises in water and gas leak detection using the latest electronic, acoustic and tracer gas equipment.

Ashley Harrington, the manager of Subtronic Leak Detection, has 20 years of experience in plumbing, gas and leak detection. Ashley has a team of highly qualified technicians behind him to locate even the most problematic of leaks in water supply and gas lines.


Do you need urgent Leak Detection?

If you suspect a leak, call Ashley immediately. Subtronic Leak Detection will be there on site, on time to locate the leak and advise you on the best way to have it repaired asap. We’ll even liaise with plumbers or gas fitters on your behalf if required.

Call us now if you notice any of these leak symptoms:

Leak Detection Specialists

Using the latest leak detection technology, Subtronic can pinpoint the exact location of a leak, keeping exploration expenses to a minimum – saving you time and money.

We’ve invested in the latest equipment and training to provide the best leak detection service in WA.


Need fast, accurate, fixed-fee leak detection?

If you need leak detection urgently, call Ashley Harrington immediately - 0412 087 848
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